Top Six People Bugging Me This Week.

200The results are in. Below are the lucky people who have won the award. There were a lot of people in New York that competed for this award. There were nominees on the subway, in stores, on the streets and even in my apartment building. But you have stood out above the rest. Congratulations!


1. The guy at the post office that skipped the line and instead went up to each counter and asked if he could ask a question. It was not one question. It was a loop de loop about lost mail. So, perhaps he was in a wheelchair but you can sit in the wheelchair and slowly wheel yourself along the line, like everyone else. I was very unsure whether to say something or not. I chose not to, because of the wheelchair. However, if people in wheelchairs ought to be treated like everyone else should I have stopped him from cutting? Idk. I let out a deep breath to demonstrate that I didn’t appreciate the line hopping. I think he got the point. Also, I’m sure he only had one leg so I think I did the correct thing.

2FB0C9DE00000578-0-However_some_have_suggested_promo_guy_is_simply_an_actor_paid_fo-a-5_14518621396872. The cashier at target that made me walk back to collect my change. “Sir! Don’t leave”. Was it really necessary to shout after me? I was already near the escalators. I was already having an anxious day. I was already feeling like everyone was staring at me. I was already feeling like I was being watched by security. I was already trying to act like I wasn’t being monitored. It would be so easy to mistake awkwardness with suspicious-ness. Also, dude, it was 3 cents! 3 cents!


3. The woman on the sidewalk who thought I was following her. I wish I could put out a disclaimer to people that sidewalks were not created for you. Just because we are both on the sidewalk, heading in the same direction does not mean I am following you. You keep looking back like I am supposed to turn a corner. Lady, it is the afternoon. Lady, we are surrounded by people. What is it that you think is going to happen on a busy street with people moving in all directions during daytime? Why do I always give in and pass them to make it clear that they’re good? Why do I always become anxious because I feel like they are getting anxious?

giphy (5)

4. The policemen who pulled my cousin over. In the passenger side mirror, I could see the police approaching the passenger door with his hand touching his gun. I spread my fingers on top of the boxes I was carrying. I was afraid that the anxiety would make me seem suspicious. And then…boom! Or click! Or whatever sound a gun makes. I know when you interact with police, you are suppose to act normal and not raise suspicions. I get so anxious that I become nervous that they would misinterpret what they see. You are never sure what sort of policeman you are going to get. The wrong one can really mess up your life. The policeman was actually not bad but the panic was too real.


5. Myself. I must have obsessed and attenuated to bodily sensations a number of times this week, which took away from my overall peace of mind. Even as I try to exercise patience and positivity, it feels like I am continually dragged back to a place of anxious and hypochondriac thoughts. sigh, the struggle.


6. My wife. I know she reads this blog. Yep! You won this week as well. Imma leave that right there. Nothing more to say. You’re probably going to win next week too.


Your awards are in the mail!

-Anxious Brother

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