You would be sadly mistaken, whoever you are, however you have risen, in thinking that you know my crazy. Impudent and arrogant. You fail to see the power of this mind. You try to box it in, and pervert its true form. 

But it advances, and retreats behind the gates. It lurks, behind every thought, beside every image, waiting. A horrid thing, a gargoyle, a demon. Do not tempt that beast with your deductions. With your summations. 

You cannot hold it under diagnoses. It fights. It knows. It has many heads. You cannot spy the faceless. Faceless, with eyes that look behind, and limbs that drag to the floor. 

You cannot sketch the unsteady. It jumps from form to form. It dissipates, and regenerates, morphs and modulates. It deceives you. You will not find its darkness. 

 You cannot remove its talons. The flesh beneath bursts and bleeds. It wraps me close, sucking my air. I am not spared and I am safe.

 Do you not know? It houses the unspared, those unsaved from despair. Whose souls in tribulation, have sunken in desperation. From the dark deep, it chills the broken spirit, to ice the suffering. In this way alone, WE endure.

– Anxious Brother

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